4 Montague Must-Dos (That Just Can’t Be Missed)

July 13, 2018, Author: admin

     The town of Montague springs to life during the summer months, and it is said that you needn’t look far down the busy streets to find something exciting going on. From the Montague Summer Days, to the Mussels and Mariners events, Montague is a town on the move. But it doesn’t take a special occasion or event to bring Montague to life; in fact, each and every day offers tourists and locals alike the opportunity to take in a diverse range of tastes, treasures, and tours, all within the heart of Montague the beautiful. 

     So with that in mind, check out our latest list of the top 4 Montague Must-Dos (That Just Can’t Be Missed); we’re sure that you’ll find the perfect way to spend a summer day!

Copper Bottom Brewery

Copper Bottom is located just across the bridge in downtown Montague.

     Prince Edward Island’s newest brewery, Copper Bottom is located in the heart of Montague, in what is known as the old Eastern Graphic Newspaper office. Now a prime location for a brewery, boasting large picture windows which offer an unprecedented insight into the beer-making process, this historical building has previously served as the first town hall, the fire hall, the jail, the library, and the hardware store.

Sip on something deep, dark, and delicious at Copper Bottom.

     But it is more than just the building which holds a connection to the town: the proprietors, Ken Spears and Ashley Condon have always sought to blend their passion for community, beer making, and live musical performances, and Copper Bottom has rapidly become a focal point of the town, bringing people together to share a drink and a tune.

     In fact, Condon, who is originally from Montague, has garnered quite a reputation as a successful songwriter and musician both on the Island, and abroad, having released her most recent album, Can You Hear Me in time to coincide with the launch of Copper Bottom. As Ashley says, “offer people beer, and they’ll come to you.”

     This insight has certainly proven to be correct. Known for “good, honest beer,” and great live and local music, Copper Bottom Brewery is a destination not be missed on your travels through Montague, and for good reason. If you do happen to stop in, be sure to sample either the rustic Rabble Rouser, or the summer citrus Broadside —you won’t be disappointed.

Sweet Treats

Has more cheese ever been a bad thing? Red’s Grill Chipotle Panini doesn’t seem to think so.

     Montague is an absolute delight for the food lover, with something sweet or salty that is sure to satisfy any appetite. The waterfront alone boasts a multitude to dining options, including Red’s Grill, a mobile food truck which truly packs a punch. Open daily, Red’s is the perfect spot to grab something tasty (you can never go wrong with one of their quesadillas!) and take an evening stroll along the waterfront. If you’re in the mood for something a little less mobile, be sure to check out the Station Cafe, which offers an unparalleled view of the Montague waterfront from its outdoor patio area. No visit to PEI would be complete without a heaping bowl of steamed mussels, and locals and tourists alike agree that the Station Cafe is a prime place to try them out.


It’s tough to top a classic, and Gillis’ is about as classic as it gets.



But what about those who are looking for something  a little sweeter? Well if ice-cream is what you are after, Shorty’s Ice Cream, has got you covered. Offering soft or hard ice cream, delicious sundaes, banana splits, creamy smoothies, cold slushies and sodas, and frothy hot chocolate, all served from high upon their patio deck overlooking the Montague river. And if you’re in the mood for a blast from the past, you can always take a quick ride out to Gillis’ Drive-In, the longest running drive-in diner on Prince Edward Island. Here you can pull up into the parking lot and be served right at your car’s window; all it takes is a flash of the headlights. Unmistakable in the evenings as the sun goes down and the neon lights start flashing; be sure to keep an eye out for any number of antique cars which frequent the place.

Artisans on Main

Artisans on Main features a stylish gallery and boutique.

     One needn’t look far to discover artwork, handmade Island products, and tasteful decor, all located centrally within the town. Perhaps most well known is Artisans on Main, the booming artist co-operative which gave birth to a movement in eastern Prince Edward Island. Located at 10 Water Street, Artisans on Main is founded on the idea of artists helping artists. 

If this kitchen from Pigeons Floors and Decors isn’t perfection, we don’t know what is.

     Local crafters and creators all contribute their works to this splendid shop, and take turns working there. This creates an opportunity for a broad range of delights and decorations to be crafted and sold, locally. From paintings, photography, and visual arts, to sculpture, weaving, and woodworking, this one-of-a-kind shop offers a truly unique shopping experience.

     But Artisans on Main isn’t the only spot to find a treasure in town. Belle’s Boutique offers a broad range of vintage and modern women’s fashions, as well as an impeccable reputation for sales, service, and style. If clothing isn’t what you’re after, Pigeon’s Floors and Decor specializes in cute home decor and flooring, with an emphasis on upcycled, locally made products. Whether it be refurbished furniture, or their totally unique “horseshoe” crabs, you can bet on finding something here that you can’t go home without.

On The Water

Life is better on the water, and we certainly agree with River Run Dining Cruises about this spectacular view.

     And finally, when the call to hit the water becomes too much, Montague offers some of the finest river boat cruises and deep sea fishing excursions on Prince Edward Island. From the Montague marina you can embark on a deep sea fishing expedition with Tightline Tours, where Captains Greg, Spencer, and Chancey are your expert guides on the water, whether you’re searching for a giant bluefin tuna, or simply seeking serenity at sea. If something refined is more your style, River Run Dining Cruises leads you along the historic Three Rivers delta, where seals and sunsets blend smoothly with fine cooked lobster dinners. Locals love it for a reason!





    Spreading out from its waterfront centre, the town of Montague is accessible, inviting, and lively, and boasts some of the safest and most scenic waterways and trails anywhere on the Island, and there is no better way to explore the sights and scenes the town has to offer than by paddle or pedal. To learn more about the town of Montague, or to start exploring, check out the Station Street Adventure Company, and get moving today!